Partner With The Hosting Company Created to Put Influencers First!

Peak Source Hosting was designed specifically for Bloggers and Influencers.

We are looking for Bloggers who are interested in spreading the word about our unique packages, amazing customer service, and affordable price points. Peak Source Hosting packages are designed for bloggers to have the ability to start and grow a sustainable business and career on the fastest platforms available without breaking their bank doing so. We want to see Bloggers become as successful as they can be as quick as they can! We are in the business of keeping lifelong, happy customers.

Our Influencers are Important to us!

We offer different incentive programs based on submissions. I assure you, that you will love what PSH has to offer you!  Additionally, we offer a sweet affiliate program that is second to none! When you sell one of Peak Source Hosting products, after 90 days, you receive a payout for the first-month cost of the product that you sold. For example, if you sell the Creative VPS Dedicated Cloud Package at $99.99 you will receive a check for $99.99 after 90 days as long as the customer did not cancel before the 90 days! The link to apply to become an affiliate is here if you are interested.

Let’s get started! Send me an email with your media kit, to include your social media stats, Blog Stats with Unique Views, Page Views, and Total Subscribers to the email address below. Tell me a little about yourself and what would make you unique to Peak Source Hosting. Register yourself as a Peak Source Hosting Influencer by submitting your name and email address to the right. When we are running our paid campaigns you will be sent an email automatically to be the first to accept the offer if you are on the list.

We look forward to having you as a partner with Peak Source Hosting!

Best Regards,

Kristin Houser
PR Director
Peak Source Media LLC

Created For Influencers. Developed For Peak Performance.

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